The Jimmyjane Form 5 is not a widely loved toy. And for some pretty good reasons, but the biggest two are:

  • It is expensive
  • It is not easy for many (probably most) people to use it to stimulate themselves to orgasm

But I have a confession to make. I really like this thing. Don’t get me wrong, if I had to choose between the Jimmyjane Form 5 and my beloved We-Vibe Tango, I would fling the Form 5 out the window and never regret it.  Luckily, I live in a world where I can have more than one toy, so there is room in my life for a more subtle vibrator like the Form 5 along side stronger toys like the Tango and the Mona 2.

If you are looking for something that will bring you to a quick orgasm, this is not the toy for you. I sometimes experience pretty slow arousal, which I would love to blame on perimenopause, but that’s only true if I’ve been in perimenopause for 20 years.  Stronger stimulation is not always a great way to start for me.  Usually, I’m fine using a stronger toy on a lower setting, but I also like more diffuse stimulation if I am having a slow start.  The Form 5 provides very diffuse stimulation.  Too diffuse for many people.  But you are interested in exploring your options, and if you want a toy that isn’t at all phallic for whatever reason, the Jimmyjane Form 5 might be worth your time.

It’s a very cute toy

Can you guess which one is for your bits and which my grandmother would have wanted in her vase?
Can you guess which one of these my grandmother would have wanted in her vase?

I got it because it’s cute and I can be pretty shallow. I am easily swayed by pretty things, and when the Form 5 sits on its little charger, it looks like a tulip. (Yes, this means my thought process was pretty much “I love tulips! I should definitely have some tulip sex!”)

It has a short, slightly rounded body, with two thin, short wings on the top that flutter when it is on. The wings flank a raised bump on the top that vibrates more intensely. They call this bump a Pleasure Dome, but since that reminds me of Tina Turner in Mad Max (and I’m really not comfortable with “Two men enter, one man leaves” in this context), I am never going to call it that.  It’s a bump on the top of the toy. Honestly, from above, it makes the Form 5 look a bit like it has its own giant clitoris.

It is completely waterproof, and comes in a deep grey, pink, and plum.  Since I didn’t want a grey tulip and didn’t love the shade of pink, I bought the plum color. The matte silicone attracts lint, dust, and dog hair like it is actively trying to criticize my housekeeping. It doesn’t come with a storage bag, as it is clearly supposed to sit on its charger full-time.  It would look lovely on an altar devoted to expensive sex toys.

When you pick it up from the altar, it sheds its tulipy appearance and becomes a cute little flapjack octopus.  The resemblance to Pearl from Finding Nemo is so strong that they might owe Disney some royalties.

"You made me ink..."
Aw, you guys made me ink…

It’s a bit of a geek beacon

The Form 5 isn’t very loud; I doubt you could hear it through a closed door if there was other noise around. But in a quiet house it seems pretty noisy.  In a way that makes me wish I was a foley artist. The sound reminds me of cheap 1960’s sci-fi sound effects, especially as you cycle through the different settings (4 settings, 5 speeds). It makes me laugh, and maybe feel like I’m about to be trapped behind some kind of force field, but is a big disadvantage in my house. It is very likely to bring young nerds running to investigate the sound. (“What’s that noise? Is that a sonic screwdriver?” “Um, I guess you could call it that…”)  So be aware of the potential for an interested audience.

Vibrations for everyone?

It is marketed as a toy for everyone (at least everyone who uses masculine or feminine pronouns), useful for people with vulvas and people with penises.  And everyone’s nipples.  The versatility is appealing. It justified the expense by dividing the cost in two – half for me and half for my husband – and suddenly it seemed to be a far more reasonable price. It turns out that I was overoptimistic on the dual-use issue, though.

To use it on a penis, Jimmyjane suggests placing it so that the wings flap around the sides of the shaft and the tulip clitoris stimulates the underside.  My resident adult penis-haver isn’t usually a big fan of vibrations, but when we tried this, he said he liked it. And then never wanted to use it again.  I don’t think anything happened between “That’s interesting and kind of nice” and “No, don’t bother with that.” To me, it’s clear that, despite his testimony, he doesn’t actually like it that much and was just being a good sport.  I suspect it’s related to his stance on several vegetables.

I can see how someone would like to use it on nipples, but I tried that at different stages of arousal and it was never more than a bit pleasant.  Mostly I just wanted it away from my nipples.

 Jimmyjane Form 5 and the clitoris

Jimmyjane thinks that the bump on top of the Form 5 is great for stronger clitoral stimulation, while the wings provide light, flicking stimulation for the labia (or clitoris, if you like).  The vibrations are strong, so this would work really well if the Thunderdome stuck out higher and the vibration of the wings didn’t stop with any real pressure.  If I had to use this thing as described, it would be a total failure for me. I have a different approach.

Remember how you can run this thing under the shaft of a penis, with the wings on either side and the bump providing stronger stimulation against the underside?  Well, it turns out you can do the same thing to the labia majora.  Spreading them and running the Form 5 along one side and then the other is very stimulating and avoids most of the problems of the toy design.  I suspect that it is stimulating the clitoral crura, which extend into that neighborhood, but that is just a guess.  It is rumbly for deep stimulation and fluttery for surface teasing. Pretty much everything you could ask for in labial stimulation.

Here at Casa Coming to a Middle, we sometimes have a problem with initial stimulation being too strong, or with intense vibrators being poorly aimed and making me shut down.  Using the Form 5 for labial stimulation is a low-risk/high reward starting activity.  It is not ever going to give me an orgasm, but I can work with that.  It is great at getting me ready for an orgasm.  I suspect that as I move further into perimenopause, this will become an even bigger issue, so I am very happy to have the Form 5 in my collection.


The Jimmyjane Form 5 is available from my affiliates, and other reputable sex shops:

Good Vibrations          Early to Bed          SheVibe          Peepshow Toys


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